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Wild Boar Rib Racks (Free Range)

Wild Boar Rib Racks (Free Range)

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Contains: Your choice of a 2 rack or 8 rack pack!

Due to the nature of the smaller sized rib bones, please, NO GULPERS! As always, please supervise when offering a chew of any type.

For many of our veteran Naked Beasts customers, this one is a welcomed surprise back and a valued dental chew for small to medium sized pups!


All of our Wild Boar Products have absolutely ZERO hormones, steroids, and antibiotics injected EVER!

It is a leaner high protein alternative to the traditional farm raised Pork and low in saturated fat compared to beef⁣.

What exactly is Protein? Proteins are made up of amino acids that your body uses to build and maintain your bones, muscles, cartilage skin and blood. Protein is also what your body uses to repair damaged tissue

It is also rich in Niacinn, Selenium, Thiamine, Vitamine B6 and Zinc⁣

All these vitamins work together to convert food into energy and improve the metabolism. The nervous system and brain function are also dependent on these vitamins and help regulate our moods, reduce stress and improve our immune systems⁣

Another nutritional value of wild hog meat is it is also high in monounsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids. The monounsaturated fats help lower the bad cholesterol helping to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack⁣