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TCM Energetics

🎋 (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine

You’ll notice our bags are labeled with Hot, Warming, Neutral, and Cooling designations but what does it all mean?
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, every food has an energetic associated with it, which we can then use to holistically treat and improve conditions within the body. The goal is to establish an overall balance of yin and yang without any overages to either ends of the scale.
Some follow this closely while others don’t. It’s entirely up to you, but we do label them as such for those who do.
How do you know if your pet needs HOT vs COOLING?
Pets with cold energies have cold ears, nose, back and limbs and always seeking warm cozy places to rest. A lack of appetite, general weakness and fatigue, exercise intolerance, decreased metabolism, shortness of breath and stiffness are all signs that your pet may benefit from feeding Warming, Hot foods.
Pets with hot energies are warm to the touch and are constantly seeking shaded, cool surfaces to relax. Dry itchy skin, red hot spots, thirst, dry cough, red eyes, heavy panting, excessive energy, restlessness, anxiety, and aggressive behavior are other indications of excess inflammation and heat, where feeding COOLING foods may be of benefit. 
Remember to not overdo it on either side. The key here is variety and balance over time!
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Be Well & Stay Balanced! 🧘‍♀️