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Turkey Thigh (Fat Trimmed) - Thin Cut

Turkey Thigh (Fat Trimmed) - Thin Cut

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Hard working muscles like legs and wings are known for its’ high taurine content which is especially important for cats who are unable to synthesize this essential amino acid on their own. Unlike dogs, cats MUST obtain this solely from their diet alone.

Turkey thigh is also considered a dark meat vs Turkey Breast. This dark meat appearance is due higher content of the protein myoglobin (that reddish liquid that drains from defrosting meat, often mistaken for blood). Myoglobin transports and stores oxygen within the muscle and is responsible for the reddish-brown hue of darker cuts of meat which is easily recognizable in steaks

Turkey is a rich source of protein, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and B vitamins.

🥩 Protein is crucial for building healthy muscle.

🐕 Selenium is important for regulating metabolism.

🦴 Phosphorus is necessary for good bone health.

🐾 Zinc is an essential mineral responsible for keeping your pets nose and paws from becoming overly scaly.

🕷 B Vitamins all work together to aid in the growth, development and function in cells and helps in transforming food into energy. It is also useful fighting against fleas and ticks.

🐓 Comparing to chicken, Turkey has fewer calories, cholesterol and sodium with higher iron and protein, with exception to chicken breast.

🔥 Turkey is also considered hypo-allergenic as it provides relief to sensitive digestive systems without compromising nutritional content. Common dog food allergens include grains, dairy, chicken and beef.


Best Suited For:  Any breed of cat or dog, any size

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!