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Turkey Breast Frame

Turkey Breast Frame

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Contents:  Turkey Breast Frame

This listing contains one entire Turkey Breast Frame weighing approximately 1 pound after drying.

Large = Under 15oz

XL = 15oz and above

My promise to you has been and will forever remain, that I would NEVER offer anything in my shop that I wouldn’t feed to my own animals. This item though admittedly very large, is no different. I have personally been test feeding 2 Turkey Breast Frames weekly for over a month now to my two dogs and after a dozen frames later, I’ve come to 2 conclusions.

1. This is absolutely the longest lasting chew I have ever given to my babies. Each frame weighs approximately 1 pound and will last about 1 hour with both dogs taking turns with it. By the time they are both over it, I still have some leftover for the next day! It’s important to also note that since both dogs are meticulous careful eaters, even my 130lb boy, that is likely a big contributor to the lengthy time.

2. Thanks to the unique shape and multiple crevices within this chew, it has done wonders in natural dental cleaning!!! You can visibly see how all the grooves and spongy bone texture on the left side all work together to effectively remove stubborn build up.

My initial intention for this item was to just keep it to myself, but after seeing how fantastic of a chew it is FOR THE RIGHT TYPE OF DOG, I decided it was too good not to share.

Since these will only be listed as often as I need to restock the Turkey Breast Strips, quantity is very limited. This one shown here is an XL with plenty of Turkey Breast meat covered throughout.

Medium to large breed meticulous eaters, this ones for you!!!!! 👌

Best Suited For:  Medium to Large Breeds, EXPERIENCED CHEWERS ONLY!!!!

Due to its unique size and shape, it should only be given to very experienced and careful chewers!!!

If your dog is well suited for this type of chew, it is the most EFFECTIVE dental chew I can recommend and the only chew I have that can keep our 130lb dog busy for over 1 hr with still some leftover for the next day.

If this is your dog’s first time trying out this type of chew, you can separate this out into 4-6 sessions until you can confirm that you dog can handle larger quantities of bone during a single sitting 

As always, please supervise when offering a chew of any type and discard of any extra bone fragments that break off during chew sessions