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Beef Pizzle (Woven)
Beef Pizzle (Woven)
Beef Pizzle (Woven)

Beef Pizzle (Woven)

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Contents: 1lb Beef Pizzle Chews

Shown here is an example of how much you can expect in every pack 

There are approximately 9-10 small to large individual pieces totaling 3.5 pounds of pizzle (pre dried weight) yielding 1 full pound of chew after 1 week of drying!

If listed individually, each piece would cost between $5-$15 vs the ~5.60/pp in the value pack saving you a hefty $24+/bag 

We’ve also taken it one step further to tangle and intertwine each and every piece to create an added challenge for the benefit of your pet. Smaller pieces can be stuffed into our cycle dog roller ball chew holder for chew safety and delayed gratification!

Many of you are already familiar with beef pizzle as it has being a long time favorite for many, so I will keep the health benefits brief

They are high in protein and rich in amino acids that help support muscles, brain, skin, and coat

100% fully digestible and a great way to support dental health while providing mental stimulation, enrichment and puzzle solving!

Best Suited For: Medium to Large Breeds

 Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!