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Contains: 100% Dried Bananas

2lbs of raw weight bananas in every 4oz pack and 4lbs in every 8oz pack!

*Shown in the bowl are the full contents of a single 4oz pack.


Bananas are a great low-calorie, low cholesterol, low sodium treat for dogs. They're packed in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, biotin, fiber, copper and manganese all of which benefit your dog's overall health.

Bananas contain prebiotics which feed the probiotics in the gut. The added dietary fiber in bananas can also help to regulate the digestive tract. Both work together in improving digestion 


The vitamin C found in bananas is an antioxidant that helps boost resistance to sickness and helps dogs heal and repair naturally.


Bananas are full of magnesium, a highly important role in muscle maintenance and especially important for active working dogs.


Both potassium and magnesium found in bananas can help to reduce calcium loss in bones and promote healthy bone growth.


Low blood pressure means healthier heart function, fortified by the addition of Vitamin B6 and Potassium working together to regulate blood flow.


Vitamin B6 can also promote cognitive capacity keeping your dog’s mind sharp, particularly helpful with older aging dogs.


Large dogs can eat 4 pieces a day.

Medium dogs can have 2-3 pieces a day.

Small dogs should only have 1 piece per day.

Each 4oz pack contains approximately 42 pieces. So if you were to feed every other day, a small pack would last.....

🔹️ 21 days for a large dog
🔹️ 42 days for a medium dog
🔹️ 84 days (almost 3 months!) for a small dog

You can choose to stretch this out even more by supplementing just 2-3 times a week or by upgrading to the 8oz pack!

Added fruits and veggies should not exceed more than 10% of a dog or cat’s daily intake!


Best stored in the freezer in a sealed package or container.