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Shrimp Pack (Head ON)
Shrimp Pack (Head ON)
Shrimp Pack (Head ON)
Shrimp Pack (Head ON)
Shrimp Pack (Head ON)

Shrimp Pack (Head ON)

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Shelled shrimp (2oz)

Shrimp is rich in Protein, Niacin/Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus, Low in Fat, Low in Calories, Low in Carbohydrates, and a great choice for pets on a diet. 

Shrimp contains anti-oxidants have shown to reduce brain aging while the phosphorus helps aid towards healthy bones

Vitamin B3 helps in stabilizing sugar levels and Vitamin B12 protects the heart

The riboflavin which is in the vitamin B2 is also ideal for enhancing the proper functioning of the heart

Vitamin B12 is a common supplement important for proper metabolism, gastrointestinal well-being and brain health

Best Suited For: Cats and Dogs of all sizes!

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!