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Salmon Heads (Halved)
Salmon Heads (Halved)

Salmon Heads (Halved)

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Contents:  1 Halved Salmon Head

 Almost 1.5 lbs per head, these massive hunks are halved for better drying and for more convenient customer handling⁣

The halved portions begin at approximately 9-11oz each, then dried for 1 full week down to 4-6oz at it's final shelf stable weight⁣

Substitute the use of fish oil that can easily turn rancid with natural whole foods like this Salmon head!⁣

For a large dog, feeding a half twice a week would easily fulfill your fish requirements for the week⁣

A medium dog would only need this once a week split into two portions and smaller dogs would require even less⁣

They may be ugly, but these salmon heads are a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and provide healthy amounts of Vitamin A⁣

They’re low in saturated fat and a great addition for a natural boost of joints, mobility & skin health⁣

Overall Salmon works to strengthen the immune system, fortify brain function, fights against allergies, and it's high levels of Omega 3s has been commonly known to reduce inflammation (eg: arthritis)⁣

The heads offer up an added benefit of providing an easy dental chew that both dogs and cats will appreciate!⁣

Best Suited For:  All pets of all sizes! 

 Storage Instructions - If your freezer space is looking a little tight, storing in the fridge works just fine with this item! 

*THIS IS AN A LA CARTE ITEM. This means that the item is sold by individual pieces of ONE per order unless otherwise stated. For environmental reasons, all a la carte items will be packed together in 1 large bag. If for any reason you need your items packaged separately or you would like additional bags (in order to create favors or gifts), please indicate so in the notes and we will be happy to provide!