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Pork Tail (Hairy)

Pork Tail (Hairy)

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Contains: 1 Hairy Pig Tail

Small - Under 3oz

Large - 3oz and UP

Due to the tail being intact with an entire Tough Pig Hide wrapped completely around, along with the mixed texture of the hair, this tough chew will offer plenty of mental stimulation for your pup! 🧠⁣

Believe it or not, for many pups, mental brain games like figuring out a complicated chew can be as exhausting as physical exercise! 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️⁣

IMPORTANT NOTE: This chew carries a higher fat content compared to our other chews and is therefore not recommended for pets prone to pancreatitis!

Best Suited For:  Medium to Large Dogs!

Storage Instructions - If your freezer space is looking a little tight, storing in the fridge works just fine with this item!