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Lamb Heart (Fat Trimmed) - Thin Cut

Lamb Heart (Fat Trimmed) - Thin Cut

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Contents:  Lamb Heart

🐑⁣ Available in a 2oz pack for starters and a 4oz pack for the extra hungry hippos!

In the world of dog nutrition, heart is considered a muscle meat and should be included to make up 80% of the dog’s diet. The more variety of muscle meat proteins you can use to fulfill that 80% the better.

Lamb heart is rich in vitamins A, C and B, thiamine, zinc, phosphorus, Iron, manganese, selenium and copper. These are all essential minerals and vitamins which contribute to healthy organs, optimal brain function, efficient metabolism and boosted immunity.

Although lamb heart is quite high in cholesterol, as carnivores, their digestive tracts are equipped to handle animal fat. In fact, large amounts of animal fat is required for both energy and endurance.

Unlike humans, dogs do not develop plaque in their arteries nor do they suffer the same harmful effects on their hearts from a high fat diet. Talk about heart healthy!!

Best Suited For: All sizes of Dogs!