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Duck Feet
Duck Feet
Duck Feet
Duck Feet
Duck Feet
Duck Feet

Duck Feet

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Contents:  Pack of Duck Feet


16oz of Duck Feet, approximately 36 feet per bag 

Similarly to Chicken Feet, Duck Feet is another excellent source of glucosamine, a must for any active and/or aging pet.  Both the Chicken Feet and the Duck Feet are 100% natural and effective in scrubbing off plaque build up and strengthening gums


❄️ A "cooling" meat is what many holistic vets may recommend to pets suffering from chronic inflammation, allergies, arthritis, and cancer

🔥 Your dog may be “running hot” and could use cooling foods if they have dry itchy skin, red hot spots, thirst, dry cough, red eyes, panting, excessive energy/restlessness, anxiety, aggressive behavior, or seeking cool areas to rest

🧊 Conversely, a cold dog needing a hot or warming protein may exhibit a lack of appetite, general weakness and fatigue, exercise intolerance, decreased metabolism, slow moving, shortness of breath, stiffness, or seeking a warm and cozy area to snuggle in

The overall goal is to have a well balanced pet with both yin and yang ☯️ elements present and in harmony in order to best meet the needs of our animals 💙


Best Suited For:  All pets of all sizes! 

 Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!