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Chicken Breast Strips (Halal/THIN CUT)
Chicken Breast Strips (Halal/THIN CUT)
Chicken Breast Strips (Halal/THIN CUT)
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Chicken Breast Strips (Halal/THIN CUT)

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Contents:  4oz Pack of Chicken Breast Strips

Over 1 full pound of Chicken Breast pre dried!

Halal and One Health Certified



📖 Halal Food follows a religious set of criteria dictating how an animal is raised, what they are fed and how they are slaughtered and prepared

There are a few requirements that must be met in order to claim Halal status but the ones that pertain most here include:

🌱 Feeding a vegetarian diet (no animal byproduct allowed)
💧 Providing clean water, food and fresh air
🐓 Giving ample space to roam
💊 No antibiotics or growth hormones
🤕 No mistreatment or pain ever
🙏 Being slaughtered with a blessing by hand, not a machine
👀 Allowing only one animal to be slaughtered at a time with no other animals witnessing any death

When it comes to fish 🐟 , some organizations will only certify Wild Caught and not farm raised as there are no assurances that a farm raised fish was not fed any animal byproducts 🚫

Although it’s debatable whether or not Halal yields any additional nutritional benefits, the elevated level of care and humane treatment of animals is certainly a win for me and I know is VERY important to many of you as well 



One Health Certified is a third party organization that believes the health of humans, animals & the environment are INSEPARABLE 🪢

As such, their standards, research, testing and auditing are based upon 5 core principals

All members must follow a strict biosecurity program designed to keep animals free of diseases. The overall goal is to prevent the introduction of disease agents into and between farms raising animals for food.

Farmers must follow guidelines of care outlined in approved science-based animal welfare programs that cover all areas of the animal production system from birth to harvest. This is monitored by a third-party auditor animal welfare program.

Prompt treatment of sick animals is required. Farmers must act at defined action thresholds to quickly respond to changes in the health status of animals under their care and follow a comprehensive veterinary animal health plan.

The intention of this program is to restrict the use of human antibiotics to use as little as possible and only for as long as necessary to achieve the desired clinical outcome in infected or clinically ill animals

This program supports environmental stewardship practices related to the raising of food animals in order to minimize the impact of animal production on the environment. A life cycle assessment calculation to determine the carbon footprint of the animal production system is required as well as certified waste management programs for each farm. These measurements will be used to determine opportunities for evidence-based reduction targets and to drive improvements in future program revisions to reduce the environmental impacts.

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Best Suited For:  Any breed of cat or dog, any size

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!