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Camel (Free Range)
Camel (Free Range)
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Camel (Free Range)

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Contents:  4oz Pack of Australian Camel Strips

With our new 4oz Pack of Camel, you'll be enjoying OVER 1 LB of Camel in every bag!

They are left as slightly thicker cuts as opposed to the thin strips in the first batch and priced at less than $5 more for DOUBLE the quantity!⁣

For photo reference;

First Photo = 4oz thicker cuts

Second Photo = 2oz thin strips


Free Range, No Hormone, Antibiotics Free Australian Camel Strips! 🐪🐪🐪⁣

Camel meat is nutritionally low in cholesterol with a high concentration of minerals including sodium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, magnesium and vitamin C especially when compared with other red meats 🥩⁣

It is similar in taste and texture to beef and contains various fatty acids, enzymes, and protective proteins, all attributing to it's Recognition by the National Heart Foundation ♥️ as a Health Food ⁣

Many cultures worldwide believe in it's abilities to cure and remedy diseases such as hyperacidity, hypertension, pneumonia and respiratory disease, along with many ailments such as seasonal fever, sciatica, shoulder pain, and asthma⁣

Since Camel is not a very common food source, this is another great option to try with our allergy prone pets⁣

With so much to offer and so wildly unique, it will be hard to keep your paws off!⁣


Best Suited For:  Any breed of cat or dog, any size

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!