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Beef Kidney - THIN CUT

Beef Kidney - THIN CUT

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Contains: Beef Kidney

Over a pound of pre dried beef kidney per 4oz bag!  

Great for breaking into smaller pieces and using as a healthy training treat or meal topper!

Organs in general are the most nutrient dense part of an animal. As such, they are a vital part of your pet's health and is required in order to achieve nutritional balance

Organ meats, sometimes referred to as “offal”, is derived from the term “off fall,” referring to any part of an animal that falls away when it is butchered, such as the tail, feet, and testicles

Though organ meats are densely high in key vitamins and nutrients, the Western culture heavily favors on consuming muscle meats alone

Beef Kidney in particular is rich in B-vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and folate as well as minerals including iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, and important fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K.

Kidneys as a whole are an excellent protein source, contain omega 3 fatty acids, and is also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties and to be good for the heart 

For pets who are new to organs, please introduce slowly and gradually as the protein may be too rich for your animal

Also be warned, these have a VERY POTENT SMELL!!!

Those sensitive to smell may want to steer clear of these, otherwise they make for a VERY high value treat! Never have I had so much difficultly snapping a photo with my constant shooing away of all the animals!

Best Suited For:  Cats and Dogs of all sizes!

 Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!