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Goat Cheese Crumbles

Goat Cheese Crumbles

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Contains: 3oz or 6oz of 100% Goat Cheese Crumbles

Choose between 3oz or 6oz of Goat Cheese Crumbles! Excellent to use as a meal topper for picky pets and suitable for cats and dogs with missing teeth!

Though cheese can be an extremely high value food, it should only be fed as a very occasional special type treat! Everything in moderation, especially when it comes to dairy! 

Goat Cheese is considered a lower fat type cheese and is packed full of essential fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, niacin, and several B vitamins. These are nutrients that contribute to high energy levels, metabolic & muscle function, and bone development.

Goat milk cheeses over cow milk cheeses tends to be easier to digest due to its lower lactose content and smaller fat globules. It is also less prone to allergenic responses.

As both a dairy product and higher in fat type food, it would not be recommended to feed to pets prone to pancreatitis, IBS and dermatitis.