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Fun & Floral
Fun & Floral
Fun & Floral
Fun & Floral
Fun & Floral

Fun & Floral

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🌸 Wild GRRRown Peonies 🌸

Great for setting the mood!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and bury yourself in your favorite book under a cozy throw

Host a romantic dinner for two

Dim the lights and draw up that hot & steamy bath

Or do all 3!  The choice is yours!

 Hand Pressed Scent from fresh Peonies grown in England!

  🎋 Jasmine Bambwoof 🎋

A MUST HAVE for any Jasmine flower lover!  Light this one up and you'll be fooled into believing you're living in a Jasmine Bamboo forest!

Great for garden tea parties and special outdoor events!

 Hand Pressed Scent from fresh Jasmine grown in Georgia!

 💜 Frenchie Lavender 💜

A therapeutic aroma often used as a medicinal herb for calming, soothing, and relaxation

Hand Pressed Scent from Lavender grown in France!

🌺 White Tea & Ginger Hibiscuits 🌺

The lightest scent of the floral collection; a gentle airy scent with welcomed hints of sweetness

 🌹 Fresh Cut Roarses 🌹

Every candle company has its iconic Rose Candle, but I haven't found one I liked..... until now!

Hand Pressed Scent from Rose Petals from London


Vegan | Organic | Non GMO | Sustainable

50-55 Hours of Clean Relaxation

Hand Pressed Scents | 7oz each

To avoid smoking, keep the wick trimmed short using a Nail Clipper before each use

Candle Oil from Coconut Wax is so pure that it can also double as a moisturizer for your skin