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Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy
Warm & Earthy

Warm & Earthy

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🌿 Tobacco Bay Retriever 🌿

A warm masculine Tobacco Bay Leaf scent, not smokey

 Hand Pressed Scent from fresh green tobacco leaf and bay leaves!

 🌴 Caribbean Teakwoof 🌴

Scent made from steaming and pressing teakwood driftwood from several islands in the Caribbean 

🌱 Tobacco Caramel & Red Oak Bark 🌱

An even deeper, warmer, earthy and woodsy cousin to the Tobacco Bay Retriever

🏺Egyptian Gimmie Mau 🏺

Egyptian Amber is a very ancient and sensual aroma reminiscent of sandlewood, vanilla, warm spices, honey and musk

 🔥 Beachon Frise Bonfire 🔥

All my fellow beach bum friends can relate to the nostalgia of hair smelling like beachy bonfire for days!  Good vibes only!

 🖤  Dam & DeSire 🖤

A gauranteed winner with all the dog dad's out there!  This perfect cologne will convince even the most stubborn man to use the melted wax as moisturizer!  

It features a hint of patchouli, white amber and tonka beans with top notes of bergamot and lavender



Vegan | Organic | Non GMO | Sustainable

50-55 Hours of Clean Relaxation

Hand Pressed Scents | 7oz each

To avoid smoking, keep the wick trimmed short using a Nail Clipper before each use

Candle Oil from Coconut Wax is so pure that it can also double as a moisturizer for your skin