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Ox Lips

Ox Lips

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Contents:  4oz Pack of Ox Lips

This neutral muscle meat is most closely similar to a mix between beef strips and the beef tongue 🐮👅

💫 Go ahead and Google Image 💻 raw ox lips to view what looks to me like pink sea anemones! 🌊⁣

Though soft when raw, when dried, they turn a tad prickly! The live enzymes in the saliva from your pup's mouth as well as the strong digestive acids from their stomachs ensure that there are no real risks here⁣ 🚫

That said, if you happen to get a particularly pokey piece that makes you feel uncomfortable, you always have the option soak the treat in room temp water 💧 for about 5 min! ⏰⁣

Soaking treats is another way you can change the texture of your offerings 🥩 as well as add much needed hydration to your pet's daily routine! And if you wanna be a little extra 🌟, use some Goat's Milk for the soaking! 🐐💙⁣

Best Suited For:  Dogs of all sizes!

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!