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Clean & Airy
Clean & Airy
Clean & Airy
Clean & Airy
Clean & Airy
Clean & Airy

Clean & Airy

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🏔️  Summutt Air  🏔️

All the olfactory rewards, without the extra work!!
A candle that brings you back to when you summited that challenging peak and got to inhale that clean mountain air with just a hint of spring flowers

🧺  Scottish Fold My Sheets  🧺

Love the clean laundry smell, but hate the work?
Now you can get the best of both worlds!  Nothing like the smell of clean linens to fool all your guests and your in laws, whether you have a freshly cleaned home or not!

🌊  Salty Sea Dog  🌊

No beach?  No problem!
Now you can bring the relaxing smells of that clean ocean breeze into home, without the mess of the sand!

💧Meowtain Rain 💧

A fresh mountain breeze scent similar to Summutt Air, but with that beautiful misty rain scent that makes you feel brand new again!


Vegan | Organic | Non GMO | Sustainable

Candle Oil from Coconut Wax is so pure that it can also double as a moisturizer for your skin.
180+ Hours of Clean Relaxation
Hand Pressed Scents | 22oz each

To avoid smoking, keep the wick trimmed short using a Nail Clipper before each use