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Bee Pollen (Raw & Organic)

Bee Pollen (Raw & Organic)

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Contains: 4oz Raw Organic Bee Pollen

Our chosen bee pollen has been collected daily during the long spring-summer-fall seasons from hives in Central Valley California. It is considered to be organic because it is collected from flowers grown up in the mountains where there are no farms, orchards, or any pesticides sprayed within a minimum of a 10 mile radius. 

BEE POLLEN BENEFITS: Due to its complex nutritional profile, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classifies this food as a form of medication. It is favored for its’ anti inflammatory, antioxidant rich, anti fungal, anti viral, immunity boosting & accelerated healing properties.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Our bee pollen has been cold stored in the freezer with both the farmer and with us and we hope you do the same to preserve maximum freshness. 

RECOMMENDED PREP: Prior to use, soak the granules in a small amount of cold water for 12 hours in your refrigerator to lightly coat and crack the shells of the individual pollen grains to increase the rate of absorption from 2% - 7% to nearly 90%. If unable to soak, granules may be ground into a fine powder to increase absorption.

Start with only one or two granules at a time mixed into their food and slowly work your way up to a few grains while checking your pet’s response. If they show no symptoms of discomfort, give additional grains the next day, and slightly increase the amount over several weeks to a comfortable maintenance dosage.

Suggested maintenance use – Between 1/8tsp to 1/4tsp  per 10-20lbs once a day mixed with food