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Antelope Patty Quarters (GFF & Free Range)

Antelope Patty Quarters (GFF & Free Range)

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Contents:  Antelope Patty Quarters (GFF & Free Range)

Choose between an 8oz Value Pack (pictured here) or a smaller 4oz size to test trial out first!

Being that these are 100% human grade patties, they are made entirely of ground Antelope muscle meat containing zero bones or organs.

As a fair warning, my supplier has made the decision to discontinue this item. I have one more pick up scheduled for these later this month, then that’ll be it.

It will be a short lived listing, but you know what they say…. It’s better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all! ❤️


 About Our Antelope

Sustainable Free Range Nilgai Antelope from New Zealand with no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones added ever⁣

As with many free range wild game, this low carbon footprint meat source is low in fat, calories, and cholesterol⁣

It’s a lean red meat that is high in protein and nutritionally very similar to skinless chicken breast⁣

Due to their active lifestyle and natural diet Antelope is lower in total and saturated fat than red meat but maintains a vitamin and mineral composition similar to beef, offering good sources of iron, B12, B6, niacin, phosphorus, selenium, potassium and riboflavin⁣

Hope you enjoy this speciality meat option, esp to all my allergy prone pet parents out there!⁣

Best Suited For:  Any breed of dog, any size

Storage Instructions - No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry space!