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Turkey Wing
Turkey Wing
Turkey Wing
Turkey Wing

Turkey Wing

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Contents:  Single Turkey Wing

Medium = Under 10oz

Large = 10oz and Over


Turkey Wings are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients, such as selenium, iron and calcium. 

Best Suited For:  Medium to Large Breeds

If this is your dog’s first time trying out this type of chew, you can separate this out into 4-6 sessions until you can confirm that you dog can handle larger quantities of bone during a single sitting 

As always, please supervise when offering a chew of any type and discard of any extra bone fragments that break off during chew sessions

IMPORTANT NOTE: This chew carries a higher fat content compared to our other chews and is therefore not recommended for pets prone to pancreatitis!

 Storage Instructions - If your freezer space is looking a little tight, storing in the fridge works just fine with this item! 

*THIS IS AN A LA CARTE ITEM. This means that the item is sold by individual pieces of ONE per order unless otherwise stated. For environmental reasons, all a la carte items will be packed together in 1 large bag. If for any reason you need your items packaged separately or you would like additional bags (in order to create favors or gifts), please indicate so in the notes and we will be happy to provide!