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Pork Ribs (Single Large Rack)
Pork Ribs (Single Large Rack)

Pork Ribs (Single Large Rack)

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Contents:  1 Single Rack of Pork Ribs

Small = Under 7oz

Medium = Between 7-9oz

Large = Over 9oz

Although notorious for it's indulgence, you may be surprised to learn that pork ribs provide significant amounts of iron, zinc, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D⁣

Iron and zinc are vital elements in maintaining strong immunity and in supplying oxygen into the bloodstream, then to healthy cells and tissues⁣

Vitamin B-12 serves a similar role in keeping cells metabolically active through oxygenating tissues⁣

Vitamin D in the meat and the calcium phosphate found in the bone itself work to fortifty a strong regenerative skeletal system including the bones and teeth⁣

These are typically divided into individual rib pieces and make up the contents of the pork ribs pack but I decided to try something different and keep a few sections together for a heartier chew

Storage Instructions - Please keep this item in the FREEZER! 

*THIS IS AN A LA CARTE ITEM. This means that the item is sold by individual pieces of ONE per order unless otherwise stated. For environmental reasons, all a la carte items will be packed together in 1 large bag. If for any reason you need your items packaged separately or you would like additional bags (in order to create favors or gifts), please indicate so in the notes and we will be happy to provide!