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Chicken Backs
Chicken Backs
Chicken Backs

Chicken Backs

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Contents:  2-3 Chicken Backs

Approximately weighing between 4-6 oz per packs!

Perhaps our most cost effective chew.... 💰Each pack includes 2-3 Whole Chicken Backs for UNDER $10! 💞⁣

These are a great supplement for raw feeders 🥩 looking to make the bone requirement 🦴 for the day/week, or if your pup is experiencing loose stools 😰.... these guys should help do the trick in getting things to more SOLID ground! 💩⁣

Chicken bone is a relatively soft bone, making for an excellent teeth cleaning chew 🦷 for smaller breeds & for cats 🐈

They also make for the perfect introduction 🤲 to bone for those who are just starting out and still feel weary/skeptical, fulfilling requests for a nice starter stepping stone item before venturing on to the more serious hardcore chews! 💙


Best Suited For:  Smaller dogs and cats 

Storage Instructions - Please keep this item in the FREEZER!