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Chunked Rabbit
Chunked Rabbit

Chunked Rabbit

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Contents: 6-8oz of Chunked Rabbit averaging 2-4 pieces per pack

Approximately 1.5lbs of Chunked Rabbit pre dried weight in every bag consisting of Legs, Thighs, Body, Head, and Liver

📸 Pictured in this pack is 2 thigh pieces and several liver chunks

💢 Extra bonus Fact: Rabbit is a cooling protein and is believed to help bring down inflammation within the body ❄️⁣

Other cooling proteins include Rabbit, Duck, Pollock, and whitefish 🐟


The rabbits are fed a custom, locally milled, corn-free feed with absolutely NO animal by-products, steroids, hormones, or antibiotics EVER 🙅🏻‍♀️⁣

An automatic watering system 💧 provides the rabbits with a continuous supply of fresh water, are hand fed and looked after daily ♥️⁣

The primary purpose for raising these rabbits is for human consumption, so I feel very good about being able to help find purpose for the remaining animal parts that would normally be discarded 💫⁣

Best Suited For: Small to Large Breed Dogs!

 Storage Instructions - If your freezer space is looking a little tight, storing in the fridge works just fine with this item!